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Pumpkin Flour 200g


Pumpkin flour is obtained by grinding pumpkin seeds from which oil has been previously squeezed. It is interesting that pumpkin flour was first made by experts from the Novi Sad Institute of Food Technology in cooperation with experts from the company “Pan Union
Oil”. The benefits of pumpkin flour are numerous. It is recommended for people who do hard physical work, as well as for people who are under constant mental stress. In addition, t is used to prevent kidney stones due to its anti-inflammatory effect, then lowers
cholesterol, contributes to the regulation of blood sugar, and contributes to weight loss because it speeds up metabolism. Doctors recommend the introduction of this flour in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, skin diseases, as well as diseases related to the reproductive system of the human body. Certainly one of the most important properties of this food is its anti-cancer effect. In addition, pumpkin flour is extremely rich in proteins, which make up about 60% of its total nutritional value. As it
contains twice as much protein as meat, it is suitable for people who are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, as well as athletes and developing children. You can find pumpkin flour in almost all health food stores.