456.00 rsd

Pumpkin Butter 230g


Olga pumpkin butter was obtained after mechanical squeezing of pumpkin seeds from the fields of Vojvodina, by the deposition process. Mechanical squeezing and settling are procedures of completely natural separation of oil and butter from seeds, thanks to which
all the nutritional properties that are in the seed itself are retained. This high-quality and nutrient-rich product has a characteristic taste and aroma and is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. This spread of exceptional taste is used to make
toppings for different types of pastes, but also as a sauce or as a filling that goes well with various culinary specialties. Dip raw carrot or celery sticks in this butter and you will enjoy every bite. It goes great with salads, risottos, various vegetables… For a sweeter taste, a
little honey can be added to the butter.