Our basic value is living in harmony with nature. We take care of nature in order to receive valuable gifts from it, which we later offer to our customers. We try to create products that preserve all the benefits that only nature can give.

We cultivate our fields in Vojvodina using energy from renewable sources, respecting the most modern environmental standards.
Our motto is Good returns to good!

Our mission is to use the modern, cleanest technologies and traditional experience to produce high quality food that we carefully grow in the fields of Vojvodina.
Our factory is located in the north of Serbia, more precisely in Vojvodina in the village of Novo Miloševo, where pumpkins are grown from which Olga oil is made. Olga virgin olive oil is produced in strictly controlled conditions and in a specifically rounded production process - from the cultivation of pumpkins from whose seeds the oil is extracted, through squeezing and packaging, to distribution. This production process allows us to fully control the quality of all stages and each segment during the creation of one bottle of Olga oil.